Friday, 11 November 2016


A MAN from How Mine threatened his father with death after he was rebuked for giving away tomatoes and onions without his mother’s permission.

Sipho Sibindi (22) appeared in court in Bulawayo yesterday facing an intimidation charge under the Domestic Violence Act.

The court heard that Sibindi swore at his father Mike Sibindi (52) that he would kill someone in their house since murder was a simple act to him.

He then picked a slasher, sending his family fleeing for safety. Bulawayo Magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya warned, cautioned and discharged Sibindi on his own plea of guilty.
Sibindi apologised to the court and promised to live peacefully with his father.

“Your Worship I’m sorry for my behaviour. It’s just that we had an argument with my father. I don’t know how I lost my temper and said words I didn’t mean. May this court and my parents forgive me for what I did,” he said.

Mr Tashaya warned Sibindi that if he repeated the offence he would be jailed.
“Your behaviour is unbecoming. You are supposed to show love and respect for your parents and what you did is unheard of. If you repeat such words to your family you’ll earn yourself a custodial sentence,” said Mr Tashaya.

Prosecuting, Miss Leean Nkomo told the court that on Wednesday at around 1PM, Sibindi had an argument with his father over tomatoes and onions he had given away without his mother’s consent.

“Accused said he should be treated like every other child. He told complainant that he was going to stab someone and shed a lot of blood at the scene since murder was a small thing to him. He picked a slasher and all his family members fled. The family’s neighbour Mr Nkala advised the complainant to make a report at the police base,” said Miss Nkomo. Chronicle


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