Sunday, 13 November 2016


IN an incident that has left Gweru residents shocked, a 62-year-old popular car washer Trevor Gezani of Mkoba died after being struck by an iron bar which cracked his skull open by his colleague following a misunderstanding over an outstanding $45 water bill.

The incident occurred around 6am on Friday at Gweru City’s popular bar Givans, when Takavarasha Shumba (29) allegedly struck Gezani with an iron bar several times on the head following an argument over an outstanding water bill.

After realising that he had committed murder, Shumba downed poison in a bid to kill himself but was rushed to hospital where he is recovering. Efforts to get a police comment were futile.

However, a police officer who could not be named as he is not authorised to speak to the media, told Sunday News that it is alleged that on the day, Shumba approached Gezani demanding $45 which he was supposed to pay for the water he was using at his car wash.

The officer said a heated argument ensued between the two resulting in Shumba allegedly picking up an iron bar and attacking Gezani hitting him several times on the head until he collapsed while bleeding profusely due to the injuries sustained.

“After the attack, Gezani fell to the ground and started bleeding profusely. His skull was cracked open, he died on the spot.

The murder was reported at Gweru Central Police Station under RRB number 2728286 and police have already started carrying out investigations of murder as defined in Chapter 47 of the Criminal Law and Codification Act (Chapter 9:23),” said the police officer.

A witness, Mr Romeo Makwada, who is also Gezani’s friend, claimed the now deceased had not paid for the water he was using at his car wash and was confronted by Shumba who demanded the money from him. Mr Makwada said all hell broke loose when Gezani failed to produce the money resulting in Shumba assaulting him with an iron bar several times on the head.

“Shumba and Gezani were working together. On Friday morning Shumba confronted Gezani on why he had delayed in paying the outstanding water bill. Gezani told Shumba that he would pay later in the day as he had sent someone to withdraw the money from his bank account. This did not go down well with Shumba who suspected that Gezani was only trying to buy time by giving unending explanations and a heated argument ensued,” he said.

When Sunday News got to the scene Gezani’s body was still lying in a pool of blood covered with a blanket while police were attending the scene.


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