Monday, 7 November 2016


A Mberengwa man soiled himself after he started bedding a neighbour's wife. He had been struck down by runyoka.

Abraham Shoko of Nyamhondo (47) Village under Chief Mudavan­hu in Mberengwa appeared before Headman Nyamhondo last week Wednesday facing adultery charges.

A remorseful Shoko is said to have told Headman Nyamhondo that he soiled himself as he bedded Sitha­bile Maphosa who is married to Ja­cob Chihora.

Shoko who is a father of five told the court he suddenly developed a continuous running tummy while having sex with his neighbour's wife.He claimed that Maphosa asked him for a sexual favour since her husband was not performing well in bed and he obliged. 
"I had visited Chihora's home­stead intending to borrow an axe when I found his wife (Maposa) alone since he had gone for a beer drink. She opened up and told me her sexual problems with her hus­band since I am a family friend. 
"She then lured me to have sex with her and I fell into the trap. Sud­denly while I was having sex I start­ed having stomach cramps leading to a severe running tummy that was uncontrollable. I soiled myself and incidentally Chihora just appeared and caught us red handed," said Shoko. 
Chihora locked the two and de­manded Shoko's in-laws to come and witness their adulterous son-in-law as the remedy to stop the per­sisting diarrhea. The in-laws had to arrive 24 hours later while Chinyo­ka was in agony. 
Chihora demanded a beast as compensation to revoke the 'runyo­ka' spell. Headman Nyamhondo said he ordered Shoko to pay a beast to Chihora and another beast to the Chief.


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