Saturday, 26 November 2016


Two of the three inmates who broke out of Karoi Prison on November 11 will serve an additional two years in prison after a Karoi Magistrate passed the sentence.

Mr Sam Chitumwa said he would rule on the third inmate’s case after mental examination. He sentenced the duo to three years in jail for the jail break and four years for unlawful entry. Mr Chituma conditionally suspended one year.

Anyway Mutukura (28) of Rimuka, Kadoma, has been serving a 12-year jail sentence for a series of unlawful entries in Kadoma and Karoi. His accomplice in the jail break, Confidence Mutemachani (41) of Kuwadzana, Harare, has been serving an 11-year jail term for four counts of robbery.

During the jail break, the duo escaped together with fellow inmate Cover Warasi (36) of Plot 40, Lazy 5 Kasimure who is accused of murdering his uncle.

The trio allegedly used a 15cm iron bar and a steel bucket handle to destroy three courses of bricks and create a hole on the wall before escaping through the hole.

Warasi was arrested later that day at Momba Farm. Mutemachani was arrested the following day after conniving with Mutukura to break into a shop belonging to one Paraffin Kanyama of Momba Farm.

When he was apprehended, Mutemachani was drunk after consuming alcohol stolen from the shop. Mutukura was nabbed two days later at Ketsanga village under Chief Kazangarare where he had sought sanctuary at his sister’s place. sunday mail


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