Sunday, 20 November 2016


The Zanu PF Mashonaland West women’s league has recommended that First Lady Grace Mugabe must remain as the party’s secretary for women’s affairs as it skirted the issue of a quota system in the presidium.

The dramatic U-turn is seen as a slap in the face for the G40 faction in Zanu PF, which was pushing for Grace to replace Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking at the end of a women’s league meeting to come up with the Masvingo conference resolutions on Friday night, women’s league provincial chairperson Angeline Muchemeyi said they came up with the resolution as per Grace’s request that she did not want any position higher than her current one.

“Amai told us that she is satisfied with the position of being the leader of women in the country, not any other higher position. She said she is grateful,” said Muchemeyi.

There was commotion at the meeting, which continued late into the night following efforts to remove provincial political commissar Chinjai Kambuzuma and replace her with Abigail Gava. The two reportedly nearly exchanged blows during the volatile meeting.

Attempts to remove Kambuzuma were seen as a move to test the waters before recommendations to expel her top ally and Hurungwe South MP Sarah Mahoka.

Mahoka is accused of denigrating Mnangagwa early this year during a meeting organised by a faction of war veterans led by Manicaland provincial affairs minister, Mandi Chimene which was organised in solidarity with the first family.

The Hurungwe legislator is also accused of failing to account for money donated by churches during Grace’s rallies last year.

“By removing Kambuzuma, they wanted to prepare for the expulsion of Mahoka. But we were not prepared for that, no wonder we blocked that move,” said a delegate who requested anonymity.

The women’s league, like the youth league also recommended that President Robert Mugabe contest the 2018 presidential election as the Zanu PF candidate, when he would be 94.

It also recommended that Mugabe must become life president of Zanu PF. standard


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