Tuesday, 29 November 2016


A BULAWAYO magistrate has ordered a Zimplow director to pay $1 200 per month towards the upkeep of his wife and two minor children.

Stanley Ndlovu of Hillside suburb had offered nothing towards the upkeep of his wife Mrs Enesia Ndlovu who wanted $1 700 for herself and two minor children.
Ndlovu had also said he would only pay his children’s school fees after he told the court that he gets $1 300 per month after deductions.

The magistrate, Mr Tinashe Tashaya, ordered Mrs Ndlovu to verify the exact amount her husband earns saying she may be entitled to more.

Mrs Ndlovu subsequently came to court with a letter from her husband’s company which showed that even though he earns $7 100, he gets $1 715 after all deductions.

“Zimplow is deducting $2 558 every month from his salary because he allegedly misused company funds when he was sent to attend a workshop in China,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

“He is also paying $500 monthly for a staff loan. Old mutual is also deducting $234 per month. The total amount for all deductions is $5 419 per month.”

Magistrate Tashaya ordered Ndlovu to pay $622 spousal maintenance and $578 for his two children. The magistrate said the money may be reviewed upwards if deductions on Ndlovu’s salary are no longer being effected.

“You’re further ordered to continue paying school fees for your children. You also have to pay for their medical aid and provide for their school requirements including paying for their school trips,” said Mr Tashaya.

Ndlovu is already paying maintenance for two other children sired with another woman.
The company director and his wife had argued in court about his monthly salary.
He said he has a lot of responsibilities including paying a monthly gym fee, loans, rents and school fees for his children.

“Your Worship, I pay $550 per month where I am renting, $1 500 for school fees for my child who is at Petra School and $1 100 for my other child who is at Masiyephambili Primary school. I also pay $70 gym fees every month,” Ndlovu said.

Ndlovu allegedly left his matrimonial house leaving his unemployed wife desperate until she decided to drag him to the maintenance court.

The reasons why he left his matrimonial home were not revealed in court but his wife called him an irresponsible man. chronicle


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