Monday, 21 November 2016


A FISHERMAN is feared dead while another is recuperating in hospital after they were attacked by crocodiles in two separate incidents, one in the Zambezi River and the other at a dam in Hwange town. Both incidents occurred last week.

In Hwange, a crocodile attacked Mr Martin Ndebele while he was trying to retrieve a fishing hook in a dam at around 3PM on Saturday. Residents at Hwange’s Number 3 suburb yesterday waited for the police sub-aqua unit to search for Ndebele’s body who is feared dead.

Ndebele (32), who was employed by China South Mining Company, had gone fishing with a neighbour only identified as Mr Mwila on Saturday when disaster struck.
His wife Ms Aculata Gumbo said:

“He left home in the morning at 5AM going for fishing. I was told around 3PM that he had been attacked by a crocodile. We are still waiting for police to search for the body,” she said.

The woman said her husband was used to fishing in the same dam. A neighbour, Mr Wayne Tshuma, narrated how the reptile attacked Ndebele. He said the crocodile dragged Ndebele into the water while Mr Mwila rushed to get help.

In Kanyambizi, a man only identified as Mr Mudenda, who is admitted to Victoria Falls District Hospital, said he had finished bathing when a crocodile suddenly grabbed his leg.

“I had just finished bathing and wanted to pick containers so I could fill them with water. As I went out of the water I was suddenly hit on the left leg. I think it wanted me to fall back into water but missed,” said Mr Mudenda.

He said the crocodile immediately disappeared into the water while he struggled to walk away from the river towards the nearest village.

Mr Mudenda said he collapsed after covering 10km.
He said he was helped by a Good Samaritan who rushed to get a scotch cart that carried him home in Manono village where he was rushed to hospital. Kanyambizi area, an illegal crossing point on the Zambezi River used by Zambian cattle rustlers, is known for crocodile attacks on people and animals.
A comment could not be obtained from the police and Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority. Chronicle


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