Friday, 11 November 2016


THE defeat of Mrs Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s United States Presidential elections has flown in the face of Mr Tendai Biti’s troubled People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as Mr Biti had tied his fate to her political fortunes.

Mr Biti who attended the Democratic Party’s convention in September openly gloated after 
his trip to the US that Mrs Clinton’s victory would translate to good fortunes for his party.
Addressing party supporters at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo in September, Mr Biti boasted that during the convention, he had personally met Mrs Clinton and discussed a number of issues.

“We have friends that you don’t know we have. We enter some offices that will make you wonder how we entered them. These days we’re meeting some grannies and you should at least shake my hand because it was shaking some granny running for the US presidency on 8 November. If she wins we will know that we’re in,” said Biti then in apparent reference to Mrs Clinton.

However, Mrs Clinton suffered a shock defeat at the hands of republican candidate and business mogul Mr Donald trump sending shockwaves in America and right at Mr Biti’s backyard.

PDP spokesperson Mr Jacob Mapfume was not reachable for comment last night but the party’s Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Mr Edwin Ndlovu said they were open to working with Mr Trump.

“We are a democratic party which believes in democratic processes and in an election one prefers one candidate ahead of the other. This, however, does not mean that there is anything wrong with the other candidate,” he said.

“It is in this light that we congratulate Mr Trump for winning the elections and we stand ready to work with anyone who is for democracy. As a social democratic party we preferred the democrats but never the less it doesn’t mean that we had any particular problem with Mr Trump.”

PDP members are leaving en masse to join either the MDC-T or the Zimbabwe People First Party.

Some of the notable defectors are Mr Biti’s former deputy Mr Samuel Sipepa Nkomo and former deputy national chairperson Mr Watchy Sibanda who crossed floor to join the Dr Joice Mujuru led ZimPF.

Former MDC-T legislators Mr Tongai Matutu and Mr Paul Madzore also abandoned the PDP and rejoined Mr Morgan Tsvangirai led party.

Commenting on Mr Biti’s pronouncements in September, Herald columnist Nathaniel Manheru said Mr Biti’s bragging about western patronage showed how the opposition was desperate to get into power through undemocratic means.

The columnist wrote that instead the opposition have chosen the “sinister” route of enlisting foreign support or even intervention following their successive electoral defeats by ruling Zanu PF party.

“Here we have a politician angling to rule this great nation of Mwenemutapa. The-owner and author-of-conquest bragging about foreign patronage! What womb bore her, this one? And what is more, hoping to be passively hoisted to power by the outcome of US presidential race! Not by your vote,” wrote Manheru.

Not even by the Tajamukas of this world. Simply by a US Democratic candidate’s presumptive electoral fortunes! And bragging about such raise on the back of foreign interests which stand to be appeased by our soul, resources and hard-won sovereignty! I wonder where his father was during the war of liberation. He could be a true chip off an accursed block. Cry the beloved country. And a lawyer at that? My goodness!” Herald


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