Saturday, 5 November 2016


President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF government is in a 2017 budget fix due to the current economic woes which have resulted in a biting liquidity crisis, MDC vice president Nelson Chamisa said.

The Kuwadzana East legislator said government will be forced to present a “fictitious” budget.

“ . . . government is in sixes and sevens, Zanu PF is in a . . . fix,” Chamisa wrote on his Tweeter account.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, Chamisa added that the main problem Zimbabwe is facing is having a “clueless government”.

“The budget is going to be another dump squib and it will have a lot of fiction. There is policy inconsistency on the part of government; most of the ministers do not know what is required to take this country forward,” he said.

“The Finance minister (Patrick Chinamasa) projects a $4,2 billion budget, to me, the minister is dreaming, he is in some country not Zimbabwe.

“We appreciate his efforts but at this stage, it’s impossible for his party to solve the current economic problems,” he said.

Chamisa added that for Zimbabwe to move forward, government must listen to the people.
“They look unaware and appear as strangers to the problems that are currently seizing the country.

“They must try and open their ears for them to listen to what we are advising them. We are telling them that let us open Zimbabwe for business. Let’s focus on production and luring of investors.”

He added: “Let’s create a conducive environment by doing away with the controversial laws which are scaring away investors.”

The former Information Communication Technology minister also further said the government must change its approach when it comes to “serious economic issues”.
“This can only be achieved when the leadership deficit problem is solved. The shortage is not of cash but of ideas and strategies. The big idea is the ability to reach out,” Chamisa said.

“They must change their approach when it comes to economic issues.” daily news


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