Thursday, 24 November 2016


POLICE have been ordered to arrest con-artists popularly known as Tsikamutandas who are fleecing villagers of their hard-earned cash and livestock over unfounded witchcraft allegations. 

The Minister of Home Affairs Dr Ignatius Chombo told Chimanimani villagers at a rally yesterday that they should report such people to the police. He said the Government was aware of their dubious and fraudlent operations.

“These are criminals who should be reported to the police. Some of them are buying snakes from game parks, which they come and plant in your homes. They hold dubious cleansing ceremonies, uncover their snakes and accuse unsuspecting villagers of witchcraft. They then demand cash or livestock as payment from those accused,” he said.

Dr Chombo warned traditional leaders that were working with these criminals to stop or they would be brought to book as well.

“We have been told that some traditional leaders are actually supporting these criminals. There are reports that the traditional leaders are also given livestock as a thank you for allowing these criminals to operate in areas under their jurisdiction. That should stop. Let’s protect villagers from these thieves,” he s said.

The Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Dr Chris Mushohwe, said the con-artists have ravaged communities in the Zimunya and Marange areas. He also urged villagers to quickly report to the police.


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