Wednesday, 23 November 2016


Pro-democracy activists have vowed to continue holding protests against President Robert Mugabe and his under-fire government, despite increased State thuggery and human rights violations by security agents.

This comes as Mugabe’s panicking government has cranked up its suppression of protests through police decrees outlawing mass actions, as well as increased deployments of security agents around the country.

“Despite the fact that I lost my car ... and other valuables, including three smart phones, an IPad, a laptop and clothes, I am not at all moved. The same God who blessed me with those items will still provide for me,” activist Patson Dzamara, who was last week abducted and tortured severely by suspected security agents ahead of a planned demonstration in Harare, said.

“Neither am I discouraged from pursuing the quest towards a better Zimbabwe. This experience has actually emboldened my resolve to work and fight for a better Zimbabwe. I am not done yet and it’s not over yet. I still have something to give.

“Come what may, I won’t be silenced over what these evil men and women did to Itai (his missing brother) and also Mugabe and his minions’ failure to run the affairs of this nation.
“Not only shall I speak out, but I give myself away as a solution bearer. Oh yes, we shall lead this country to where it belongs,” Patson — whose elder brother Itai was abducted last year in March while having a hair cut in Glen View — said.

Dzamara junior was among the organisers of last week’s aborted demo, and was abducted, tortured and left for dead in the wee hours of Friday morning, together with his three comrades — Ishmael Kauzani, Nathan Matadza and Nashe Salami.

They suffered their horrendous ordeal when unidentified armed men, suspected to be intelligence operatives, appeared from nowhere and blocked their car in the Harare high density suburb of Mufakose, where they had gone to pick up their other colleagues.

And before the hapless activists and bystanders had enough time to suss out what was happening, their assailants fired a volley of live bullets in the air to scare away any potential witnesses — leaving the quartet at the complete mercy of their abductors.

They were severely assaulted and tortured before they were dumped separately, in bushy areas on the outskirts of Harare.

On his part, fearless National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe (Navuz) chairperson, Stendrick Zvorwadza — who has also been routinely savaged by police during protests —  warned Mugabe and his administration that ordinary citizens would escalate their demos.

“Does Robert Mugabe think that brutalising hungry Zimbabweans will make them quiet?
“Does he believe that arrests and abductions will somehow make food appear in the homes of families who have suffered for so long?

“This rogue fascist government has run out of ideas by trying to thwart hungry people from demonstrating. In a new Zimbabwe, all perpetrators of crimes against humanity will face the music. That chapter will surely come.

“Using guns in a war zone against the colonial regime was justified, but using guns against hungry, defenceless and peaceful protesters is total madness,” Zvorwadza, who now wears a helmet during protests to avoid damage to his head, told the Daily News.

A leading member of the radical Tajamuka/Sesijikilie group, Sylvanos “Bhanditi” Mudzvova — who was also abducted and left for dead by suspected security agents last month — said as long Zimbabwe’s current myriad problems were not solved, they would continue with their protests.

“They can do whatever they want to us but our message is very clear, we want a solution to the current economic crises. We are going to continue with our protests,” Mudzvova asserted in an interview with the Daily News.


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