Thursday, 13 October 2016


A HERDSMAN from Bulilima, who allegedly stole a gun, killed a woman, raped another and robbed a third in 2009 before fleeing to South Africa has been arrested after he was deported from the neighbouring country.

The long arm of the law finally caught up with Joshua Ncube of Madlambuzi last Friday, seven years on, when he arrived in the country with a group that had been deported for illegal migration.

Ncube, a court heard, stole a rifle from a fellow herdsman that he had been assigned to guard a field with. He appeared on initial remand before Plumtree magistrate, Mr Gideon Ruvetsa, who remanded him in custody to October 24.

Prosecuting, Mrs Rose Sibanda said Ncube was arrested on October 7. She said Ncube committed all the offences in June 2009.

“Ncube was a herdsman at a farm in Marula area and his duties required him to guard fields against wild animals. On June 4 he was assigned to guard fields together with Mr Leonard Moyo who was armed with a rifle.

“Mr Moyo left the firearm unattended as he went to look for firewood. Ncube stole the rifle and fled from the farm,” said Mrs Sibanda.

She said on the same night Ncube went to a homestead at Ashallow Farm where he knocked on the door purporting to be selling meat. Mrs Sibanda said a lady opened the door and Ncube pointed the rifle at her demanding cash.

She said Ncube failed to get the money and dragged the woman to a nearby bush where he raped her.

“Ncube then force-marched the victim to another farm but she escaped along the way. Ncube fired two shots in the air to stop her from escaping.

“Police detectives that were patrolling the area heard the gunshots and proceeded to investigate. Ncube saw them and he ditched the rifle and fled from the scene,” she said.
Mrs Sibanda said on June 6 Ncube went to a homestead in Dombodema in the middle of the night.

She said he found Ms Tasiwa Dube seated outside her kitchen hut and demanded money. She refused to give him the cash and Ncube attacked her with an iron rod all over the body.
He allegedly fled after realising he had killed her.

Mrs Sibanda said Ms Dube’s grandchildren found her body a few minutes later.
“On 17 June Ncube went to Figtree Hotel armed with a log. He demanded money from Ms Sindiso Ncube who was staying at the hotel.

“He struck her with the log several times on the body until she gave him R590.  Ncube then fled from the scene,” she said.

She said Ncube escaped into neighbouring South Africa where he has been holed up ever since. Chronicle


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