Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Urban grooves musician Trevor Dongo, who was on Friday involved in a street fight with an unidentified man in Harare, has apologised to fans for his behaviour.

A video which went viral at the weekend showed Dongo exchanging blows with the man, while onlookers cheered them.

The fight apparently ensued after Dongo’s sparring partner snatched the musician’s food while Trevor was walking with his wife.

The Ndashamisika hit-maker said after the public brawl, he felt embarrassed by his action.

“After all is said and done, I wish to apologise to everyone, especially my fans who feel that I let them down. This was a very unfortunate incident which we (Trevor and wife) both found ourselves in, but nonetheless I’m very sorry,” said Dongo.

“I wish to thank all my fans who remain loyal and have not lost the trust and confidence they repose in me as an artist, your support has been and remains a pillar of strength during such difficult times.”

He said while he did not condone his behaviour, people needed to know that he fought to protect his wife.

“I never fought with anyone or engaged in any public fight. I was defending myself and my wife from the individuals who first mobbed my wife, shouting offensive words at her,” said Dongo.
He said he has since reported the case to the police and one of the assailants has been arrested.
While some fans consoled Dongo, others wanted to know the unidentified man’s side of the story before painting Dongo as the saint.


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