Saturday, 29 October 2016


A 34-year-old female teacher at a primary school in Mabvuku, Harare, appeared in court on Wednesday accused of touching the private parts of a Grade One female pupil while “examining” her before taking pictures. 

The court heard that the pupil, aged seven, had a pencil inserted into her private parts by her two school mates.

They were involved in a fight while in the classroom. It is alleged the incident happened during this year’s first school term and the pupil went home and told her grandmother what had happened.
The grandmother allegedly informed the school headmaster of the incident and he sent two female teachers to the pupil’s home to find out. When the teachers arrived at the pupil’s house, they allegedly interviewed her and asked the grandmother to leave the room.

One of the teachers Norah Mudangwe ordered the pupil to remove her pant and allegedly started touching her from her vagina to her anus. It is alleged that she also started taking pictures of the minor’s private parts using her phone. The court heard that she took pictures of her blood-stained school uniform and torn pant.

She informed the grandmother that the minor was not assaulted and the pair went away. The pupil told her grandmother what the teacher had done to her, prompting her to report the matter to the police.


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