Friday, 21 October 2016


A 45-YEAR-OLD Stanbic Bank chief teller, accused of swindling his employer of $165 389, yesterday appeared before provincial magistrate, Elijah Makomo, facing charges of theft of trust property.

Aaron Rashama pleaded not guilty to the offence through his lawyer, John Ndomene. The bank is being represented by the head of financial control, Continue Mudekwa. Allegations against the suspect are that on January 18 this year, he received and signed for $245 060 and $14 173,75 from the bank’s vault and canister, respectively. The figures were also reflected in his cash register and computer system.

The State alleges Rashama stole $164 389 and converted it to his own use and in a bid to cover up the offence, he concealed $1 notes among $100, $50 and $20 notes giving the impression that the bundles were of higher denominations. The alleged offence came to light on May 24, when Rashama reported for work and immediately left his workplace without permission from his manager, Joyce Mhlanga.

On realising Rashama had taken long without returning, she tried to call him on his mobile phone, but it went unanswered and was finally switched off.

Mhlanga allegedly alerted Mudekwa and the investigations manager, Stanley Shaninga, who later discovered that Rashama had left with the vault and canister keys.

The State alleges the trio then used spare keys to open the vault and canister and instructed Sheila Muchedzi and Cecilia Shumba to count the cash in the vault and canister. It is alleged the duo found $7 252 in the vault instead of $154 560 that was reflecting in the computer system and Rashama’s cash register, and also found $3 323 in Rashama’s canister instead of $20 404 that was reflecting in his computer system.

It was also noted that the sealed bundles were made up of $1 notes that had higher denominations on top, giving the impression that the bundles were of higher demoninations.
Epraim Zinyandu appeared for the State. newsday


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