Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Chanter Soul Jah Love has had his nude picture leaked on social media while musician Nox Guni had another explicit picture leaked again.

Soul Jah Love is seen in the picture with his on and off lover, Bounty Lisa. His manager, Wadis said the picture found its way into the public domain after Soul Jah Love sold his handset which had the pictures to a local dealer at Ximex Mall.

“We are aware of the picture you are talking about but as far as we are concerned we do not owe any apology to the public. Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa are husband and wife and that picture leaked after the phone that had the pictures was sold by Jah Love.

“Jah Love and Bounty are actually victims here because the dealer whom the phone was sold to is responsible for all this,” he said.

Wadis added that the picture was nothing to talk about since it was not revealing.


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