Friday, 14 October 2016


A Sam Levy Village security guard is said to be battling for his life after his employer allegedly forced him to carry a large concrete and brick rouble on his head from Avondale to Borrowdale in Harare on Wednesday as punishment, described by his colleagues as inhumane and evocative of the slave trade era.

The man only identified as Mr Madziro was allegedly caught sitting on the rubble at work during lunchtime while having his lunch.He was manning his boss’s residence in Avondale on Wednesday when the incident occurred.This angered his boss, Mr Morris Levy who accused him of neglecting his duties and immediately ordered him to carry the block on his head from his Avondale residence to Sam Levy Village with a car following him to ensure that he complied with his order.

It is alleged that Mr Levy also instructed one of his employees to take a picture of Mr Madziro carrying the block at Sam Levy Village to prove that he had arrived at the place and completed the punishment.

Samy Levy Village’s head of security Mr Charles Kapfupi admitted that Mr Madziro had received punishment for his callous behaviour at work but dismissed allegations that he was battling for his life.

He said Mr Madziro was reporting for duty and that he was a ‘special’ guard who was entrusted to safeguard Mr Levy’s residence.
“Mr Madziro is fit and strong as we are speaking. The guards misrepresented facts that he was forced to walk, it was his choice as he is used to travel the distance by foot. The guards took advantage of the situation to solve their grievances using Mr Madziro who was in the dark of what was happening since he had reported for work in Avondale,” he said.

Mr Kapfupi said he had reported the matter to the police after attempts to address the guards who were demonstrating failed.Following the accusations of the alleged inhuman treatment by Mr Levy, hell broke lose when co-workers went to his offices at Sam Levy Village protesting over the cruel punishment.

The workers were protesting in front of the offices which were locked with no sign of their bosses.

In an interview, one of the workers (name supplied), said they were saddened by the continued abuse they were receiving from Mr Levy and his brother Isaac.He accused Mr Levy of using obscene language to abuse them on a daily basis.

“Mr Levy has been abusing us and treating us as slaves for many years .We are demonstrating in solidarity with our co-worker who is at his house battling for his life because of the punishment he received,” said the guard.“There are no ablution facilities to relieve ourselves but he expects us to offer our services at his residence. We are no longer safe and we are demonstrating against this kind of abuse.

“As workers here, we are not allowed to speak to a white person. We are treated as dirt. Services offered to the whites are different from us black workers. Once caught speaking to a white person, you will immediately lose your job,” said one of the workers. herald


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