Wednesday, 12 October 2016


President Mugabe's government will not get any money from Germany because of corruption and human rights abuses.

Head of the visiting German parliamentary delegation, Frank Heinrich, said Germany had “doubts” about Harare’s approach to governance.

He said: “We had our doubts and that has been so for some years now, about the democratic ways and the approach by the government that happens to be in power putting it down to the grass roots people.”

Heinrich and his colleagues are in Zimbabwe for dialogue with President Mugabe’s government. The five member Bundestag delegation which will also visit several other African countries for similar engagements, met with Zimbabwean government officials including the speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda, and members of the civil society.
Germany is one of the western countries which slapped President Mugabe with sanctions for gross human and property rights violations in 2002 following political violence which was preceded by the land grab programme which displaced white commercial farmers from their land without compensation.

The human rights situation continued to worsen after the sanctions regime was put in place but was to improve significantly between 2009 and 2013 when President Mugabe and the two MDC formations were in a Government of National Unity.

“So, we are saying we want to talk with you and we want to invest in relations, but as long as these points have not been clarified we are not giving any money because we want to be responsible to our tax payers for every cent we give and we want to be in control of that,” said Heinrich.

He added: “We are not giving government any money as long as they do not show us that they have done what they promised in areas of corruption, human rights, freedom of speech and some democratic areas.”


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