Tuesday, 4 October 2016


THE Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) will soon launch a new Highway Code which it hopes will reduce road traffic accidents by 45 percent in the country.

The TSCZ yesterday embarked on a two-day Sadc signage training of trainers’ workshop.
Bulawayo Regional Traffic Safety head, Miss Barbra Mpofu, said all Sadc countries are now required to have uniform traffic control devices and this includes road markings, signs and traffic signals and they were working towards that.

“On that note, the TSCZ will soon be unveiling the new Highway Code which will also introduce Sadc road traffic signs and road markings in line with the regional bloc’s protocol on Transport, Communication and Meteorology.

“This protocol requires the region to harmonise road infrastructure,” she said.
Miss Mpofu said the TSCZ will soon launch the new Highway Code in line with the Regional Bloc’s Protocol on Transport, Communication and Meteorology.

“This workshop will enable you as engineers from the various road signs departments within the southern part of the country to appreciate and be able to align all traffic signs, signals and road markings with the Regional Bloc’s Protocol on Transport, communication and meteorology.

“As trainers, we then expect you to impart this knowledge to those within your departments,” she said.

Miss Mpofu said among other changes, the new Highway Code will see the introduction of the four- way stop signs.

“Stop-controlled intersections are believed to be safer than those without any traffic control or even those with traffic lights, as these lights are subject to the availability of electricity and we all appreciate our current electricity problems and what happens when traffic lights stop functioning.

“The main reason for the use of stop signs at road junctions is safety. According to an international study of locations where the system is in use, all way stop controls applied to four-legged intersections may reduce accident occurrence by 45 percent,” she said. Chronicle


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