Sunday, 23 October 2016


THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating Professor Jonathan Moyo over another case of fraud in which he allegedly grabbed two top-of-the-range vehicles worth around US$140 000 from the Information and Media Panel of Inquiry (lmpi).

Prof Moyo — who set up Impi as Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister — allegedly forced the ministry to pay thousands of dollars to Impi deputy chairperson Ms Thembe Khumalo even though she did not report for duty throughout the panel’s life.

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission investigators are investigating how Prof Moyo allegedly seized the vehicles.

Prof Moyo — now Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister — is under Zacc investigation over allegedly abusing his current position to loot the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund.

Zacc is also looking into how US$5 million meant for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics promotion was used amid suspicion that some of it could have been siphoned through Higher Education Deputy Minister Dr Godfrey Gandawa’s Fuzzy Technologies company.

Another investigation involves Prof Moyo’s involvement in the use of funds at the Government-appointed Constitutional Commission in 2000 with questions surrounding payment of advertisements to a company called Lintas. Prof Moyo was the commission’s spokesperson. 

Yet more queries are being raised about US$118 000 worth of fuel coupons the minister reportedly ordered Zimdef to buy for the Zimbabwe Youth Council. Investigators say the fuel coupons were sold on the black market and that Prof Moyo and other senior Government officials benefited.

In the latest case, it is alleged that two Toyota Prado SUVs were bought for Impi chair Mr Geoffrey Nyarota and his deputy Ms Khumalo, but the two never drove them. Repeated efforts to get a comment from Prof Moyo and Ms Khumalo were fruitless as their mobile phones went unanswered.

Investigators told The Sunday Mail that documents regarding the case were being compiled, and yesterday Mr Nyarota said that the two vehicles were delivered to Impi premises in May 2014 but Prof Moyo grabbed them.

A source said, “There is another case of two cars which were allegedly grabbed by Prof Moyo and the vehicles were moved from Impi premises to his house. Ever since 2014, no one knows what happened to those vehicles, therefore we are busy investigating the case.”

Asked to explain the disappearance of the vehicles, Mr Nyarota told us: “The Impi budget stipulated two executive cars for the chairman and the deputy chair, and these were purchased in May 2014. The vehicles were acquired and delivered to Impi premises and I saw them with my own eyes. They were moved from the premises and my assumption was that they were taken for refueling or for purposes of registration, but I never saw the vehicles from May 2014 up to this day, let alone drive my vehicle.”

He said Impi temporarily allocated him an Isuzu double-cab while he waited for the official Prado. Zacc investigators told The Sunday Mail that Ms Khumalo was paid US$18 000 by Impi but had hardly reported for duty as she had a permanent job elsewhere.

Asked about this, Mr Nyarota said Ms Khumalo, who was reportedly on a US$4 500 Impi monthly salary, never reported for duty.

Mr Nyarota said, “Ms Khumalo didn’t fulfill her obligations but she was paid after a bruising battle because she had not worked . . . I then raised the issue with Professor Moyo and he said no one could undo his decision. Therefore Ms Khumalo was paid a backdated salary.” sunday mail


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