Sunday, 16 October 2016


Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko has condemned corruption at public referral hospitals which has resulted in hospital pharmacies being sabotaged to create business for privately owned pharmacies being set up at hospital premises.

Speaking during the handover of chicks to Bulawayo residents at Pumula suburb, Vice President Mphoko said it is unfair for some hospital executives to enrich themselves by setting up private pharmacies at the expense of struggling patients.

He called on residents to report cases of corruption to the relevant authorities. But he has said there was nothing wrong with stealing public funds for as long as the money was used to fund Zanu PF programmes.

“Imali etshontshiweyo ayibusisekanga (stolen money is not blessed). There are thieves in our hospitals for instance Mpilo, UBH and Ingutsheni, professional thieves who are protected by law.

“There are consultation fees paid by patients when they visit hospitals . . . that money must be channelled towards buying medication but we don’t know where that money is going,” said VP Mphoko.
“There are elderly people and vulnerable people who are struggling to survive then we’ve people who are given responsibility to assist and instead they take advantage of these vulnerable people and make them pay exorbitant fees”.
VP Mphoko had no kind words for executives who were allowing corruption to go on under their noses.
“We’ve executive officers who are responsible for the lives of people, given responsibility by the government to take care of people in hospitals but they take advantage of that.
“They then go and open a pharmarcy taking advantage of people, it’s very wrong, it’s rotten,” he said.
“We must take action and fire those people because we cannot allow that, people are suffering and they look up to the Government but the Government cannot be everywhere that’s why it appoints people.
“If there is something like that, who ever is above you is also questionable. If you are given a responsibility to serve people you must do so diligently not to cheat them.”
VP Mphoko said those who felt like stealing must leave office to go and start their own businesses rather than fleece patients who need their assistance.
“The Government allows that each hospital runs a pharmacy. They then sabotage that pharmacy by running their own parallel pharmacies, fleecing old and vulnerable people who end up buying from the private pharmacies.
“We’ve what is called conflict of interest, it’s not permissible for an official to run a business the same as their employers,” he said.
Turning to the chicken project, VP Mphoko urged recipients to take the empowerment drive seriously and ensure that it becomes a running business.
“What’s important is that you accept what we’re giving you and value it. It’s yours, it’s not for me or my wife, ngokwenu.
Make use of this project as it may help you settle bills and pay school fees for your children,” said VP Mphoko.
He challenged residents to tap into other empowerment projects and not wait for Government initiatives.



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