Monday, 17 October 2016


A 24-YEAR-OLD man from Bulilima allegedly stabbed his friend to death with an unknown object following a dispute over a chair during a drinking spree.
Nicholas Tshuma of Mbila area and Mr Dingane Ncube of Bezu area fought after failing to agree on who was supposed to sit on a chair while the other one sits on the floor.
Tshuma then allegedly stabbed Ncube on the left side of his chest resulting in his death.
Chief Kandana confirmed the incident which occurred in Bezu area on Friday at around 7PM.
“There is an incident of a villager from Mbila area who stabbed his friend to death at Bezu Business Centre on Friday night. It appears that Tshuma and Ncube were drinking beer with other villagers after watching a soccer match at a local football ground.
“There was one chair and Tshuma and Ncube started arguing over who was supposed to take up the seat. They started fighting over the matter as they both wanted to use the chair,” he said.
Chief Kandana said Tshuma drew an unknown object and stabbed Ncube on the chest, then fled from the business centre. He said Ncube attempted to pursue Tshuma but he fell a few metres from the business centre and his attacker fled into the darkness.
Chief Kandana said some villagers tried to assist Ncube but he complained that he could not move and was bleeding profusely. He said Ncube died a few minutes later while lying on the ground waiting for a vehicle to rush him to the nearest clinic.
Chief Kandana said some villagers tried to pursue Tshuma but failed to locate him.
“It is unfortunate that a life was lost over a petty issue. Villagers have a tendency of resorting to violence when resolving disputes when they can just talk things through,” he said. chronicle


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