Friday, 14 October 2016


A commuter omnibus driver who stabbed a motorist with a knife for ramming the back of his kombi was yesterday sent to jail for an effective seven years. 

The motorist, Kudakwashe Mabhutsu, was confused by commuter omnibuses as they sped to pick up a passenger resulting in the accident. The commuter omnibus driver Cephas Gombe was sentenced to 10 years before a Harare magistrate, Mr Hoseah Mujaya suspended three years on condition of good behaviour.He was facing attempted murder charges. The court heard that on August 6 this year Mabhutsu was coming from Makumbe Mission where he was attending a wedding.
He was driving a Nissan NP300 truck and was travelling between two commuter omnibuses.On approaching Gukwe Village, at the 38-kilometre peg along Harare-Makumbe Road, the commuter omnibuses spotted a traveller by the roadside.The two commuter omnibuses rushed to get the same person.
One of the commuter omnibus driver stopped to pick the passenger. Gombe reportedly stopped in the middle of the road and Mabhutsu, who was behind him, tried to use the right lane to pass.
Gombe, without checking his rear view mirrors, started moving into the right lane, thus blocking Mabhutsu who was overtaking.Mabhutsu hit the commuter omnibus from the back. Gombe got out of his vehicle shouting at Mabhutsu.The court heard that Mabhutsu tried to explain that Gombe had caused the accident. Gombe pushed him and drew out an okapi knife and stabbed him three times on his left ribs.
Mabhutsu started bleeding and he collapsed. Gombe tried to flee, but members of the public effected a citizen’s arrest.Mabhutsu was rushed to Makumbe Hospital where he was transferred to Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.The knife used to stab him was recovered


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