Friday, 28 October 2016


 THE Government does not protect corrupt people and the law should take its course on all reported cases of graft, President Mugabe said yesterday.

He said anyone accused of wrongdoing should be brought before the courts and defend their cases. His remarks come in the wake of a series of media reports implicating Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo and his deputy Dr Godfrey Gandawa in the abuse of Zimdef funds.

Officially opening Murongwe Primary School and clinic that were built by the Air Force of Zimbabwe in Dande, President Mugabe said: “We don’t protect those who commit crimes.  If someone has committed a crime, they have committed a crime.  We don’t protect them.  However, we don’t like a situation where the innocent are falsely accused of wrongdoing.

“We want such issues to be exposed and suspects defend themselves in court.  If they have lawyers they defend them.  We don’t want our people to rely on media reports.  That this one must be arrested, this one must be fired.  The party does not operate like that.  Allegations must be properly investigated and suspects taken to court.  If anyone stole money, let it come out in the open.  It must be clear how the corruption was done and the culprits are punished accordingly, even if it means they go to jail.”

President Mugabe said Zanu-PF was united and people should not listen to media reports alleging that there were divisions in the party.

“Don’t rely on rumours,” said the President. “The party is united.  Yes there can be internal disagreements but it doesn’t mean that the party has collapsed.”

President Mugabe called for unity and urged people to continue rallying behind the revolutionary party saying the opposition parties in their various guises would never defeat Zanu-PF.
He took time to explain why Zanu-PF parted ways with former Vice President Joice Mujuru who is now leading the Zimbabwe People First party.

“We parted ways with Mai Mujuru and all of you were surprised on what was going on,” he said.
“She was elected after the women had said they also wanted a woman to occupy the position of Vice President. She was then appointed to that position and I don’t know what was going on in her mind. She thought that was a step ahead towards the Presidency.

“She then goes further to make nefarious plans, which we were not happy with as a party. We have a congress that we hold after every five years.
The congress is the one that elects leaders using powers given to it by our party constitution.

“That is where the leader of the party is elected and members of the central committee.
“If you become too ambitious before congress using some wicked means we then part ways with you. That is how we parted ways with her and others who include Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa.

“They now have their party called Zimbabwe People First. There are now too many opposition parties led by people with their own ambitions. We used to have MDC led by (Morgan) Tsvangirai. Now it has split into factions. We should not listen to those opposition parties. The ideology that you should follow is that of your revolutionary party that brought independence.”

President Mugabe said people might have relatives that had joined the opposition parties but they should not be swayed to follow them.

Said the President: “There is no opposition faction in their various guises that can defeat Zanu-PF. So continue to support Zanu-PF. Supporting the party does not only entail to having rallies but making sure that party structures are intact right from the grassroots.”

“Our leaders at provincial level we want you to ensure that the party is strong in all districts and provinces. Go to the people and check whether people have party cards and whether they are having district meetings.”

He said such processes would enable the party to see its real membership.
On food distribution President Mugabe said maize should not be distributed on partisan lines.

He said all people were Zimbabweans first before they become members of different political parties. President Mugabe said Government was sourcing food from various countries and assured the people that no one would die of hunger.

Murongwe Primary School and clinic were built by the Air Force of Zimbabwe with the assistance from various development partners and the community.

The school had eight electrified classroom blocks including a computer laboratory and 10 houses for the teaching staff. It has more than 600 pupils. Herald


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