Wednesday, 12 October 2016


A “VIOLENT” Zvishavane-based police officer is locked in a legal wrangle with his business partner whom he allegedly wants to kick out after the latter reportedly invested $70 000 in their joint mining venture in Mberengwa.

The cop, Taitos Vambire, allegedly wants to kick out his business partner, Mr Taurai Piruke, even though the police officer is alleged to have not contributed any capital.

Mr Piruke, who is the managing director of Camp Mine, is accusing the police officer of being greedy by threatening to kick him out of the mine and seize all the mining equipment and cars.

He said the police officer has also hired thugs to intimidate and harass his workers.
In papers before the court, Mr Piruke said he injected $70 000 into the mine and the money was used to buy mining equipment and service vehicles.

Mr Piruke, though his lawyers T Hara and Partners, has filed an urgent chamber application at the Bulawayo High Court citing Vambire as the respondent.

He is seeking an order temporarily stopping mining operations pending the finalisation of the matter. Mr Piruke also wants the court to bar Vambire from harassing mine workers and kicking him out of the mine.

In his founding affidavit, Mr Piruke said he entered into an agreement with Vambire for the mining venture and injected $70 000 into the joint business.

“The main reason why the respondent co-opted me into the business venture was because he had no capital save for the fact that he owned the tributary. I was able to source the funds and subsequently injected $70 000 into the project. We were able to access the difficult area where there were gold ores because of the dewatering equipment that I bought,” said Mr Piruke.

He said Vambire has in the past nine months turned hostile and greedy and wants to kick him out of the project.

“The respondent wants to kick me out of the project and this came as a shock to me as the respondent did not contribute a dime into the project save for the fact that he owns the tributary. He is prohibiting me and my workers from accessing the mine and has also assigned unknown people to stalk and intimidate my workers,” said Mr Piruke.

He said the cop’s conduct had a negative impact on the welfare of his 92 workers.
“Now that everything is running smoothly, the respondent has become violent and hostile and he wants to kick me out of the project despite the fact that I have invested so much into the business. I am approaching this honourable court on an urgent basis as the respondent wants to seize my cars and prohibit me and my workers from accessing the farm,” said Mr Piruke.

He said there was chaos at the mine and wants an order temporarily halting operations until the matter is finalised. chronicle


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