Tuesday, 18 October 2016


A BULAWAYO woman, who allegedly dumped her eight months old baby at her husband’s house before fleeing to South Africa after being granted maintenance in 2011, has returned demanding about $4 000 in maintenance arrears.

Ms Nqobile Ncube, from Old Pumula  suburb told a court she expected her estranged husband to have deposited $70 monthly into her account during her five year absence. She said she was disappointed after she found that there was no money in her account.

Ms Ncube dragged Kelson Zulu, a Bulawayo City Council employee, to court demanding maintenance arrears that she said had accumulated to $4 130.

“Your worship l first brought my husband to Maintenance Court on November 28, 2011 because he wasn`t supporting his daughter. The court ordered him to pay $70 but he didn’t pay. I was forced to leave the country and search for a job in South Africa,” said Ms Ncube, in a Zulu accent.

She said Zulu, a messenger at the municipality was supposed to deposit the maintenance money into her bank account.

Zulu hit back at her saying she was an irresponsible mother who does not care about their child. He said after being dragged to court in 2011, he went out of his way to ensure that his family was well taken care of.

“The court ordered me to give her $70 in hand every month. But because of the love l had for her, l gave her my bank card so that she could withdraw the money she needed. However, she dumped me with our eight months old baby for South Africa. I have been looking after the child by myself,” he said

Presiding magistrate Mr Manasa Musiiwa ordered Zulu to pay maintenance of $150 per month effective this month end. He ignored the five year period that Ms Ncube was contesting.

“The garnishee is directed to deduct $150 per month to applicant`s bank account with effect  from October 30, 2016,” he said. chronicle


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