Wednesday, 14 September 2016


A TEACHER from Victoria Falls has been arrested for allegedly raping his tenant’s epileptic daughter while she was unconscious.

A drunken Dennis Mazarira (40) allegedly fell asleep on top of the girl (14) after the sex attack. The girl had fallen unconscious after a seizure. A court heard how she regained consciousness and alerted neighbours after locking a snoring Mazarira in the house.
Mazarira had allegedly earlier taken the girl’s father- who is his tenant- for a drink at Chinotimba Old Bar.

He allegedly left him in a drunken stupor at the drinking hole and went home to rape the girl.
Mazarira briefly appeared in court last week charged with rape and unlawful entry into premises.
Victoria Falls magistrate Miss Rangarirai Gakanje referred the matter back to the police for further investigation.

She remanded Mazarira in custody to today without asking him to plead. According to court documents, Mazarira, a teacher at Simakade Primary, committed the crime last week.

“The accused entered the complainant’s bedroom and found her unconscious. Instead of resuscitating her, he undressed the complainant and made her lie facing upwards before raping her once,” read court papers.

“When the girl woke up, she noticed there was someone on top of her. She pushed him aside. She escaped and locked the door leaving him inside. She informed neighbours who came and found Mazarira naked.”

A report was made to the police leading to Mazarira’s arrest.
Mazarira made headlines last year when his wife hit him with a stone, almost crushing his privates, after accusing him of infidelity.

The ‘controversial’ teacher was early this year forced to transfer from a school in Victoria Falls to Chisuma on the outskirts of the resort town after fighting with a headmaster.


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