Friday, 2 September 2016


A Mutare woman surprised the court when she begged for a jail sentence after she had been convicted of assault and ordered to pay a fine.Nomsa Rupara was convicted on her own plea of guilty for the abuse of two minors by senior Mutare magistrate, Mrs Sekai Chiundura.

Rupara was ordered to pay $200 for the offence by September 16, failure to do so would result in her spending fours month behind bars.

She was charged with physical abuse as defined in Section 4 of the Domestic Violence Act, Chapter 5:16 as read with Section 3 (1) (a) after she allegedly assaulted her son (seven) and brother (10) using a switch, a broom handle and a hammer.

It was alleged that the two minors stole Rupara’s $5 note and spent it on a snooker game.
An emotional Rupara who herself was limping after she was in-turn assaulted by her mother before being turned over to the police surprised, the magistrate by requesting that she be jailed instead as she had no hope of raising the fine.

Mrs Chiundura described Rupara as a danger to the children following her failure to contain her anger. Mrs Chiundura, however, told her that she would consider her request on September 16.

“You are a danger to the children because you cannot control your anger and ended up venting it on the minors. You have so much energy and you should use that energy to raise the fine,” Mrs Chiundura had said, before sentencing her.

Prosecuting was Mr Shepherd Chavarika. He said the two boys stole the money from Rupara’s bedroom on August 15.

“Upon discovering that her money was missing, Rupara asked her child who admitted to taking the money and spending it with his minor uncle at a snooker table.
“Rupara  prepared seven switches and also used a broom handle to assault her younger brother. He sustained a swollen back and left arm.

“The angry Rupara then turned onto her son who she beat up with four switches before using a hammer to lightly tap his head. The boy sustained a swollen back, bruises on the right hand thump and left leg knee,” said Mr Chavarika.

The two boys were, however, not medically examined. manica post


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