Saturday, 10 September 2016


THE Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has withdrawn the headmaster of Tahangana High from the school pending deliberation on his transfer.

Parents barred their children from attending lessons at the school in Mangwe District on Tuesday morning, demanding his removal.  They threatened to continue the protest until the headmaster, Mr Norman Muvimi, who made headlines last year for forcing teachers to recite jingles he wrote, was transferred.

Speaking during a meeting with parents on Thursday, District Education Officer, Mr Headman Mpofu told parents that his office was waiting for a response from the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare.

“In the meantime we have removed Mr Muvimi from the school and we ask that you allow children to attend school. We sent your request to the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare and we are waiting for a response,” said Mr Mpofu.

‘’As a Ministry we are concerned that children are missing out on lessons which may have a negative impact on the pass rate. This is a crucial term especially for exam classes.’’
Mr Mpofu assured parents that the problem at the school will be rectified soon.

Parents agreed to bring their children to school but threatened to withdraw them again if Mr Muvimi returned.

They also threatened to take matters into their own hands and evict him if the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education decided to keep him at the school.

Parents also blamed the ministry of delaying in rectifying the problem.

The headman of Ngwanyana area, Mr Edmond Tshuma said parents had petitioned the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education last year.

‘’We will send our children to school on condition that Mr Muvimi doesn’t set foot at the school again. If he returns then we shall keep our children at home.

‘’We are really disappointed to hear that this matter hasn’t been resolved yet we have been complaining for the past one year. Please take us seriously because it pains us if our children are missing out on lessons,’’ said Mr Tshuma.

A male parent who broke into tears during the meeting complained that the performance of pupils had dropped drastically ever since Mr Muvimi came into office.

He said Tahangana High School was now the worst performing school within their cluster.
Parents also complained that whenever they wanted to pay school fees for their children Mr Muvimi referred them to banks in Plumtree. Some parents also said they had been insulted by the headmaster.

Mr Muvimi was on Tuesday escorted out of the school by police and education officials who left him at his homestead to ensure his safety.

Mr Muvimi was moved to Tahangana High School at the beginning of second term last year from Mambale High School following complaints from staff members.
He had allegedly composed 44 jingles which he was forcing teachers and pupils to recite each day “as a way of improving the school’s pass rates.”

A group of pupils from the school last year held a demonstration against him after he stopped them from attending a sporting event, despite paying sports levy. The disgruntled pupils were also unhappy as they had been missing out on lessons while the headmaster allegedly held long meetings with teachers during lesson time.

Teachers at the school also wrote a petition against him complaining that he was harsh. chronicle


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