Thursday, 22 September 2016


President Mugabe has promoted 17 Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officers to the ranks of Brigadier-General, Lieutenant-Colonel and Colonel respectively. 

 The officials were promoted in line with section 15 (1) B of the Defence Act, Chapter 11.02 with effect from September 14 this year. Announcing the promotions, Acting Zimbabwe National Army Commander Major General Trust Mugoba said the officers deserved the recognition because they successfully exemplified themselves.

“Currently, the country is facing several challenges and it is up to the army to ensure that we responsibly execute our duties and thus create a lasting legacy for Zimbabweans.
“The nation should be proud of its officers’ efforts to promote peace and tranquillity in the country,” he said.
He said that when the officers were commissioned, they received commissioning scrolls from the Commander-in-Chief, which had responsibilities given to the officers by President Mugabe.

“The President commissioned us to defend the security of Zimbabwe and to develop ourselves so that we can be promoted.

“I, therefore, congratulate these officers because they lived up to those expectations as was instructed to them by the Commander-in-Chief,” said Acting Commander Mugoba.
He said that the officers should work hard to deliver even greater results because they had even greater responsibilities in their new ranks.

Acting Commander Mugoba said only one woman out of the 17 officials was promoted.
“As far as the numbers are concerned we have not yet achieved equal representation of women as enshrined in the Constitution but we are working towards that and in the future we expect to see more women being promoted,” he said.

Colonel Grey Mashava was promoted to Brig-Gen, while Lieut-Cols Hamilton Ndlovu, Posani Masaka, Charles Shumba and Alfred Madanhi were promoted to the rank of Colonel.
Majors Justin Vutete, Archwell Tayanana Masunga, Gratitude Mudzamiri, Misheck Fana, Venancio Gotami, Kennedy Bhebhe, Gladman Chimonyo, Boneface Tshuma, Daniel Golden Mukani, Fara Brian Mahundi Rwizi, Pasipanodya Zhou and Rita Mkandla were promoted to the rank of Lt-Col. herald


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