Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has slammed war veterans’ leader Victor Matemadanda after he called for democracy in Zimbabwe, labelling him “dissident”.
During an interview with the Voice of America (Voa) recently, Matemadanda said when Zimbabwe fought the liberation struggle, it was against an unfair colonial system as opposed to a racial war.

He, however, said the same issues that Zimbabweans fought against are still prevailing in the country under President Robert Mugabe’s regime.

This did not go down well with Moyo, who lambasted Matemadanda on his Twitter account.
“After some mumbo jumbo about a fifth column infiltrating dissident war vets, hear this from . . . Matematanda!” Moyo said, accompanying his statement with Matemadanda’s interview video.

He went on to post two more videos of Matemadanda’s interview, accompanied by more statements. “More sounds of . . . Matematanda coming out in the true colours of dissident war vets on Voa!” Moyo said.

“Yet more new propaganda from dissident war vets in the shocking words of . . . Matematanda on Voa!” he went on.

After Moyo’s statements, one of his Twitter followers, Solomon Harudzibwi, said, “@ProfJNMoyo if he is a dissident, what do you call the authors of the Tsholotsho declaration?” to which Moyo responded: “Some like me are repentant!”

In the Voa interview, Matemadanda demanded democracy in Zimbabwe, castigating the suppression of people’s rights by the Zanu PF-led government.

He also said they will engage other European countries, those in the Diaspora and former Rhodesians to invest in Zimbabwe and improve the country’s economy.
Matemadanda is part of a group of war veterans that were arrested recently on allegations of undermining Mugabe’s authority.

In the criminal charges, Matemadanda is jointly charged with fellow Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association vice-chairperson, Headman Moyo and the association’s Harare executive member, Wayne Bhila, along with several others.
They are out of custody on $300 bail each.

The war veterans were taken into custody by the police in connection with the issuing of a communiqué which demanded Mugabe’s immediate resignation. daily news


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