Wednesday, 21 September 2016


A 30 year-old Chiredzi man, who sneaked into his drunk friend’s bedroom before sexually molesting his wife, has been jailed for an effective 14 years for rape by a local regional court.

 Freddy Hove of Triangle took advantage of his friend who was inebriated after a late night drinking binge and, sneaked into the blankets where the latter’s wife was sleeping before proceeding to rape her.Chiredzi regional magistrate Mrs Judith Zuyu last Friday jailed Hove for 16 years for raping his friend’s wife, but conditionally suspended two years of the sentence.
Hove, who was convicted of rape due to overwhelming evidence, was denying the charges arguing that he was actually in love with her.

He also denied the rape charges claiming that what he did, did not constitute rape as he had not finished being intimate with Samboko’s wife by the time he was stopped. On 18 June this year, Hove went to a beer drink together with Samboko after visiting the latter’s house in the sugar-growing town of Triangle where he had secured a temporary job.

Upon return from the beer drink, Samboko proceeded to sleep with his wife in the bedroom, while Hove slept in the other room which faced the bedroom.

Later during that night, a drunk Hove left his wife sleeping in the bedroom and started dozing in the room where Samboko was sleeping.

Realising that his friend was inebriated, Hove stealthily left Samboko dozing and went straight into the bedroom where Samboko’s wife was sleeping. Hove sneaked into the blankets pretending to be Samboko and started making love to his friend’s unsuspecting wife.

Lucky ran out for Hove after Samboko’s wife became suspicious after noticing that the person who was making love to her was doing it in a different way from her husband.
Samboko’s wife turned on the light on her mobile phone and discovered that it was actually Hove who was raping her.

She left the room half-naked while screaming alerting the neighbours who came and apprehended Hove who had already dressed up.

A report was made to the police leading to Hove’s arrest. Ms Moreblessings Rusere appeared for the state. Herald


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