Tuesday, 6 September 2016


A HONDA Fit driver from Bulawayo allegedly detained a Form Two boy at his home for five days and forced him to have sex during the period.

Price Dube (25) from Emakhandeni suburb allegedly picked the boy from his home and took him together with other youngsters for a beer drink at a nightspot in the city.  He allegedly used his vehicle as bait, promising the boy regular free rides.

A court heard yesterday that Dube told the teen that he was the man and should insert his organ into his (Dube’s) anus.

The boy was rescued by his grandmother who, after a tip off, engaged the police. Detectives found the boy at Dube’s home after he had been missing for five days, the court heard.
The driver appeared before regional magistrate Mr Joseph Mabeza facing an aggravated indecent assault charge.

He pleaded not guilty and Mr Mabeza remanded him out of custody to September 30 for continuation of trial.

The State led by Mr Tinashe Dzipe alleges that the boy met Dube through his girlfriend.
“On July 4 at around 11AM, Dube drove in his vehicle and found the boy chatting to his friend outside his home. He asked him to jump into the car and he complied,” said Mr Dzipe.
“The two picked two boys and a girl. Dube then drove into an unknown bar along 3rd Avenue and brought beer for the crew.”

The court heard that the boys and the girl drank beer till about 3AM the following day.
“At that time, Dube then decided that it was time they went home. They dropped off the two boys and the girl at their homes. Dube however took the boy to his home and ordered him to sleep on his bed,” he said.

Mr Dzipe said the boy was dead drunk and Dube removed all his clothes. “Dube then forced the boy to have anal intercourse with him without protection for about 30 minutes. He then promised to give the boy $20 and they slept.”

He added that they went to a shop in the morning around 7AM and bought food.
“On July 7, Dube took the boy near West Commonage Court where he was panel beating his vehicle. All that time, the boy’s grandmother was not aware that he was now staying with Dube,” he said.

Mr Dzipe said, “On July 8, the boy’s grandmother went to Dube’s home accompanied by police and they apprehended him”. chronicle


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