Friday, 16 September 2016


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Property worth thousands of dollars was destroyed on Thursday morning after an inferno razed part of the Glen View Home Industry Complex along Willowvale Road in Harare. 

Most of the goods that were reduced to ashes were ready for the market. The fire is said to have started around 11:30pm on Wednesday and people whose houses are near the complex tried to douse it, in fear of losing their homes.The fire brigade is said to have arrived around 12am and had to get water from a nearby stream as the hydrant in the complex was vandalised.

Mr William Mayoyo, the complex chief security officer, said he received a call from carpenters who were still working at around 12am. “I arrived 10 minutes later and the fire brigade was already there trying to contain the situation.

“We quickly rushed to get water buckets from the kitchens along with other carpenters and assisted in fighting the fire,” he said.

One of the victims, Vincent Marasha, who lost property worth over $3 000, said it was disheartening that once again fire destroyed their livelihoods.

“We lost a lot of property. I one for one have lost a lot of thousands because the fire gutted down the room where we store our finished products,” he said.
Emmanuel Mugwava, a carpenter, said: “I lost a lot of kitchen units. I had one kitchen unit on display at the main gate and I had in stock more than four kitchen units that were reduced to ashes.”

Another carpenter, Godfree Nyamuchetura, said the fire destroyed his storage and he lost more than five complete bed bases.

“I do not know where to start now because I had spent all my money buying the materials and I was waiting to sell to generate some revenue, I also lost five base beds that were ready for market,” he said.

Complex chairman Mr Doubt Mhike said the workers were not cautious enough when using fire around the flammable goods.

Harare acting town clerk Mrs Josphine Ncube, who visited the complex to assess the extent of the damage, described the incident as a tragedy as most families were relying on the income generated from selling the furniture.

She said plans were in motion to improve the infrastructure at the complex.
“As city of Harare we have done a new layout plan for this complex, out of the $3 million that council budgeted for SMEs infrastructure this year, we have taken part of it to fund the infrastructure for Glen View complex.

“We are covering the construction of roads, putting in water and sewer, repairing the fire hydrants and the perimeter fence,” she said. Herald


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