Thursday, 15 September 2016


ACTING President, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has indicated that police cannot just arrest individuals for corruption without evidence to back up the charges.

Corruption in Zimbabwe has become endemic within its political, private and civil sectors, which has had a negative impact on various sectors of the economy.

Participants at a constitutional advocacy meeting organised by the Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ministry at the Bulawayo Large City Hall Thursday, asked what has been done to address corruption and why those touted as corrupt have not been arrested.
Permanent secretary, Virginia Mabhiza, who was facilitating the session, advised people to report corruption to police but murmurs of disapproval were heard from the floor prompting VP Mnangagwa to respond.

In response, the acting president explained police had to first investigate the corruption allegations raised before they could pounce on individuals.
“I know you are asking this since no significant fish have been arrested. I am grateful some people here know those fish. The permanent secretary is giving you places where you can and report acts of corruption,” VP Mnangagwa said.

The acting president highlighted police could not act on the basis of allegations raised in the press.
“Very serious allegations have been raised against various people in the press but police have to investigate, the same goes for you if you say allegations against someone. Investigations have to be done and authorities have to find prima facie evidence and bring it forward for persecution to take place,” he said.

VP Mngangagwa urged people not to be discouraged but report to police.
“If you have evidence of anyone, including me, go and report then police will drag the big fish to court,” he said.

During the question and answer segment, participants asked what the role of the anti corruption commission was because no arrests had been made yet corruption was a big issue in the country.
“How come we haven’t seen the anti corruption commission working? Where are they? Where do we report,” asked one man.

Bulawayo Zanu PF Youth League chair, Magura Charumbira, added the law had to descend on Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister, Savior Kasukuwere since reports claimed he sold land illegally to PhD Ministries founder, Walter Magaya.
According to Transparency International, Zimbabwe is the most corrupt country in southern Africa, with neighbouring Botswana ranking as Africa’s least corrupt country.

Zimbabwe ranked 150 out of 168 countries in the 2015 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) that was unveiled by the global corruption watchdog.

The justice ministry is mandated by Section 7 of the Constitution to promoter public awareness of the national charter.

VP Mnagangwa who is also the minister of the justice ministry said the constitution is the document inj which the most important laws of the land are authoritatively ordained.
“In other words it is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or organisation is governed.

“The constitution is not simple a statue but a mirror of the national soul, the identification of the ideals and aspirations of a nation and the articulation of the values binding us as Zimbabwe people and government,”he said.

The acting president gave a summary of the constitution drawing on certain chapters, their significance and urged people to go through the constitution.


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