Saturday, 17 September 2016


EIGHT people died while four others were injured after a Toyota Granvia burst its right rear tyre, veered off the road and rolled three times before landing on its wheels at the 75km peg along the Bulawayo-Harare Highway yesterday.

Witnesses said some of the bodies were thrown out of the vehicle when the accident occurred at about 3PM.

The Chronicle visited the scene of the accident at about 6PM yesterday and observed that the vehicle was a write off while an official from a towing company was working on the wreckage.

All the glasses from the vehicle were shattered. Witnesses said the police removed the bodies while Good Samaritans rushed the survivors to hospital. A man from a nearby village who arrived at the scene soon after the accident occurred said eight died people in the crash.

“The car burst its right rear tyre and veered off the road. We suspect that the car rolled about three times before landing on its wheels. Eight people died, seven of them on the spot while the other one died while being rushed to hospital,” said the witness.
Another witness said he would never forget the gory accident.

“Some bodies were flung out of the vehicle. There was an acrid smell of blood. It was a scary. Eight is too large a number for people to die at one go,” he said.
He said passing motorists rushed three of the injured people to Shangani hospital.

“The ambulance took long to arrive. Three nurses who were travelling towards Shangani took them to the hospital. However, one person didn’t seem to be seriously hurt.

“He was able to identify some of the people who had died,” he said.
The witness said police from Shangani attended the accident scene and took the dead away in metal coffins.

The locals said the particular stretch of road was now a black spot as numerous accidents occur on it. Chronicle


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