Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Police Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri has urged police officers countrywide not to “box” and always quarrel with their wives, but to encourage them to be part of the development process within the force by starting income generating projects. He said this during the ZRP 2016 Kuyedza Women’s Club annual show in Harare last Friday.The main focus of the club is on income generation and self empowerment projects.

Dr Chihuri, who is also the president of Kuyedza Women’s Club, said it was his wish that every wife of every police officer should join the club.

“It is really my wish that any police officer who marries should encourage their wives for development. Why should you box your wife and leave others to develop so that you become envious of what they are doing? It is my wish that I would love to see every wife married to a police officer become a member of Kuyedza Women’s Club,” he said.

Dr Chihuri applauded the senior officers commanding provinces urging them to continue nurturing their juniors.

“We thank the officers commanding provinces. May you continue to grow and nurture your officers. The idea is not only to develop the individual, but we also want to develop the families and bring synergies, oneness and unity of purpose to our family members.
“A confused house, a house full of quarrels can never produce a proper police officer who can work,” he said.

The vice president of Kuyedza Women’s Club, Dr Isabel Chihuri said they had continuously drawn inspiration from the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s achievements, outstanding entrepreneurial skills, visionary leadership and acumen.

“Indeed, you have always been speaking on various fora on the need for the pursuit of clarity or purpose, determination and hardwork, if we are to impact and make imprint on the destination of our nation as enterprising businesspeople,” she said.

She said the annual show was an exhibition platform which brings the club members from all the force’s 17 provinces and they also use it as an interactive platform to share ideas on enhancing product quality.

Dr Isabel Chihuri said it was their commitment to continue growing in sync with the expectations of the broad empowerment opportunities being opened up by the Government within the spirit of Zim-Asset.

She said so far they had registered a company trading as Marblegold Enterprises in Harare as they envisage to grow their product lines in response to market demand.

“The club is also into a variety of business activities from detergent making to horticulture. Kuyedza Women’s Club is also playing a complementary role in the Commissioner-General of Police’s Welfare Programme targeting orphans and widows of departed officers and members of the general public,” Dr Isabel Chihuri said. herald


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