Thursday, 1 September 2016


OFFICIALS at the Bulawayo Regional court were left in shock recently after a pregnant 12 year-old from Plumtree confidently defended her brother, who impregnated her, saying she did not want him jailed.

The court officials learnt that the pair had been engaging in an incestual relationship since December 2015. The minor’s brother (18) had been arrested for seven counts of rape.
His younger sister, who cannot be named for ethical reasons, allegedly became sexually active when she was 10 years old.

She attracted the attention of a Chronicle news crew on Thursday last week as she boldly told officials at the set-down office that she was prepared to look after the baby with her brother.

“I am prepared to have this child. I love my boyfriend, we have discussed this and we agreed that we are going to look after our child. If you people send him to jail who is going to fend for my child?” she asked.

The girl’s elder sister wailed as she narrated to the court officials that she was having disciplinary problems with the victim.

“We don’t know what to do with her anymore. She started being wild at the age of 10. Sometimes she would sleep at bars and parties. My sister needs help please help her,” pleaded the older sister.

The pregnant girl was referred to victim friendly unit for counselling.
According to the State papers, on the first count of rape the accused met the victim on her way from gathering firewood.

“Accused tripped complainant and he raped her once. Complainant told her mother about the incident. On the second occasion complainant met accused on her way from fetching water.”

“Accused took away her bucket so that they could have sex but she ran away. Accused later went to complainant’s house and lured her to his homestead claiming that he wanted to give her money. They had sex four times during the night and accused accompanied complainant back home at dawn,” read the papers.

On another occasion, the papers further read, accused gave the victim R5 before he took her to his homestead overnight.

“On another occasion, accused gave complainant P100 after having sex with her. They later met at a party where they had sexual intercourse again before proceeding to the complainant’s house for the rest of the night.”

The papers read that complainant’s mother noticed changes in her daughter and she took her to Plumtree District Hospital where her pregnancy was confirmed.  chronicle


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