Wednesday, 31 August 2016


The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) and the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) have redeployed staff across the country amid reports that the move is among a raft of measures to curb corruption at the two parastatals.

Although officials tried to play down the matter saying the reshuffle was a directive to transfer those who stayed at one station for more than five years, insiders alleged that the Government was not happy with rampant corruption cases that were being reported.

It is understood that Zimra redeployed 200 officers, while 46 VID officers were moved countrywide.
According to a letter from the VID head office addressed to all depot managers, the transfers were with immediate effect.

The memo entitled; ‘Transfer of depot managers and staff for balancing manning levels, image building, multi-skilling and reposition for operational efficiency’ reads: “Our principals are concerned about the continuous bad perception and have directed the need to reposition VID and restore confidence of the motoring public. This requires espousing Business Processing Pre-Engineering (BPR) through rebranding the inspectorate culture of doing business.

“The BPR among other processes requires that staff be repositioned strategically, so as to unlock the full potential and benchmarking with the best practice, to achieve operation efficiency.”

Several Zimra officers stationed at Beitbridge said they had been called one by one by officials from the human resources department informing them of their transfers.
Zimra’s board secretary and director for legal and corporate services, Ms Florence Jambwa, could neither confirm nor deny the transfers yesterday.

“The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) transfers its staff frequently to meet the needs and requirements of the authority’s mandate and as part of skills development. These transfers are done at the discretion of management, taking into consideration staff developmental aspects as well as strategic needs of the authority.

“Transfers are done inclusive of all stations and in accordance with Zimra’s transfer policy,” she said.
Ms Jambwa said that they periodically conducted lifestyle audits countrywide on a continuous basis as a way of establishing unjust enrichment.

“Zimra appeals to members of the public to report any specific information related to tax and duty corruption using the toll-free anti-corruption hotlines. The contact details are as follows: Toll Free, (Econet) 0808 190 and (Telecel) 0732 880 880, WhatsApp, 0772 135 690 and e-mail:,’’ said Ms Jambwa.

Two weeks ago, the Government redeployed 500 police officers that were deployed at Beitbridge to various stations across the country, while the Judicial Service Commission has also initiated the process.


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