Saturday, 20 August 2016


There was service disruption at West End Hospital in Harare on Friday morning when some of the workers downed tools over four months' salary arrears. 

Some disgruntled Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI) workers who included nurses, nurse aides, general staff, radiotherapy and lab technicians held a peaceful demonstration outside the hospital.  

Secretary General of the Medical Workers Union Mr Mike Sambo said the workers had not been paid for four months, hence the decision to down tools until their grievances are addressed by the PSMI management. 

PSMI human resources director Mr Marshall Dube confirmed that the failure to pay workers but said management is regularly updating the workers on efforts being made by to mobilise resources to clear the salary arrears. 

Mr Dube said all the 1 700 PSMI workers from top to bottom are being affected and management is making frantic efforts to recover monies that they are being owed by medical aid societies. 

He added that PSMI management met with the workers union representatives on Thursday afternoon to try and resolve the matter without causing service disruptions after they received a circular from the medical workers union that the workers intended to down tools, but he was surprised that the workers decided to go on strike.




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