Monday, 8 August 2016


Zanu PF bootlicker, Johannes Ndanga, has called on underfire war veterans leader Christopher Mutsvangwa and his executive to seek audience with President Robert Mugabe and apologise for their “transgressions”.

Addressing thousands of congregants at The True Apostolic Faith Mission of the Whole World (TRUE) apostolic sect in Magunje on Saturday Ndanga, the president of the Zimbabwe Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe, blasted war veterans for severing ties with Mugabe, describing the move as an act of indiscipline.

Higher and Tertiary Education deputy minister, Godfrey Gandawa, and three local chiefs attended the event.

“There is confusion in all this. The war veterans are acting as if they liberated themselves only. What about the general populace? Those who they fought for are silent. What is this noise all about? I have an army background, and was taught of discipline. If these guys are true war veterans why are they not disciplined?” Ndanga asked.

“They should go back to their leaders, lest they will become paupers soon. They should apologise, sit down and end this confusion. The war veterans’ behaviour will result in the youths becoming rowdy, and some of them will have their farms taken over by the youths. We are praying for the nation and people should be calm, better days are coming.”

War veterans, long regarded as Mugabe’s last pillar of defence, recently severed ties with the Zanu PF strongman through a damning communiqué where they described him as a dictator.

But Ndanga said the move by Mutsvangwa’s executive was uncalled for and should be reversed. He also ruled out fears of civil unrest.

“People should be relaxed. There is no civil war. We prayed over it.
We saw it coming, but as apostolic sects we came together and prayed over it. People should remain calm and the economy will stabilise. We are just against the churches that emerge during times of crisis, and these churches should not be taken seriously. They have their headquarters in the Western countries. The government should work with the traditional churches like apostolic sects and all will be fine,” he said.


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