Monday, 29 August 2016


TEACHERS at Matopo High School in Matabeleland South face expulsion following allegations that they are demanding sex from pupils.

Officials at the school who spoke on condition of anonymity last week, said girls now lived in fear as male teachers constantly pestered them for sex.

“Recently one teacher was taken to court for bedding a pupil. The teacher was charged for sexually harassing pupils and fired,” said an official.

Matabeleland South Provincial Education Director, Mrs Tumisang Thabela confirmed receiving reports about teachers asking for sex from school children.

She said investigations were underway but could only be completed when pupils returned from the holiday.

“We have received that information and have visited the school to find out what is going on. Unfortunately, the fact that schools are closed has crippled our investigations.

“We would have wanted a scenario where we find pupils in the school and we talk to them directly. In the meantime, I must say we have assigned a team from the district to immediately start investigations,” said Mrs Thabela.

Umthunywa lifted the lid on the sex scam last week.

It was reported in the paper that Matopo High School headmaster, Mr Gardson Sibanda, exposed the issue of teachers abusing pupils in a staff meeting.

Mr Sibanda demanded that the matter should be immediately investigated.
Sources have revealed that three pupils who were abused last term reported the matter but school officials swept it under the carpet.

“A librarian is reported to have asked for sex from a Form Three pupil during that period of a strike claiming that no one would see them. In another incident, it is also said that before the end of last term, an Advanced Level teacher also asked for a sexual encounter with a student.

“The student reported the matter to the headmaster’s office and the teacher was given a warning but it ended there.”
Sources said a lot has been happening in the school but it was being concealed with no action being taken. Chronicle


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