Wednesday, 24 August 2016


Normal services are yet to resume at Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI)’s businesses following a demonstration by some aggrieved employees over unpaid salary arrears last Friday.

A snap survey by The Herald yesterday showed that while all clinics and hospitals were operating as usual, some departments such as pharmacies and radiology had interrupted services.

“We have not been paid for the past three months except for transport money, yet we have other competing issues that require money,” said one of the disgruntled employees.
“We do not know for how long are we going to continue like this,” said the employee who spoke on condition of anonymity.

PSMI’s senior manager business performance Ms Polite Mugwagwa, yesterday said approximately 90 percent of the organisation’s institutions were operating normally.

Ms Mugwagwa said there were sporadic cases of absenteeism in some of their departments although there was never any formal communication for a strike.

“PSMI is lagging behind in terms of salary payments and this has resulted in isolated cases of absenteeism in some of the PSMI units.

“However, so far patients are still able to access PSMI services in every town where we are represented,” said Ms Mugwagwa.

She said PSMI management continued to work towards resolving the employees’ grievances through continued engagement with the principal debtors and the employees as well.

“Our efforts continue to be affected by the macro-economic environment which may delay resolution of our situation but management continues to look for lasting solutions to this situation, which may include streamlining operations to a more manageable level until the situation improves,” she said.

PSMI is in three months arrears for non-managerial employees and five months for management.

PSMI is the biggest private institution in Zimbabwe with various health centres across the country ranging from clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and radiology centres. herald


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