Tuesday, 30 August 2016


CHURCH and traditional leaders have warned State security agents that they risk being tormented by avenging spirits of thousands of citizens they were tormenting under the guise of enforcing law and order.

The warning came following the publication of gory pictures and videos showing riot police officers ruthlessly crushing dissent in the just-ended anti-government protests.

Zimbabwe Christian Alliance director Useni Sibanda said police officers who brutalised peaceful demonstrators must understand that such violence would have a psychological impact on them as well.
“It will affect them mentally and in some cases we have been counselling perpetrators of violence who need their memories to be healed of the heinous acts they would have committed,” he said.

Reports say several soldiers developed mental problems following their participation in the Gukurahundi massacres where over 20 000 people in Matabeleland and Midlands regions were reportedly killed by 5 Brigade at the height of the dissident insurgency in the 1980s.

“The fact that families and people are aggrieved is a curse on that person and his family. God will judge that person for those acts because God defends the powerless and weak,” Sibanda said.

Mthwakazi kaMzilikazi Cultural Association member Nhlanhla Khumalo said: “In our culture, love and respect are very important values of the society. If you pretend to be clever and kill someone, the spirit of the dead person will always follow you wherever you are. It might not be now, but it will surely happen.”

“Those who can be sent by anyone to kill must know that it’s not those who sent them who suffer spiritual attack, but those who participate in the killing of innocent people. The one you are killing sees you and not the one who sent you hence you become that person’s target,” he added.

Ibhetshu Likazulu activist Mbuso Fuzwayo also issued similar warnings.

Zapu deputy spokesperson Iphithule Maphosa said it is a known fact that avenging spirits do exist and were known to cause long-term harm on perpetrators’ surviving family members.

“The police and military officers, while they carry out orders to brutalise citizens, should remember that they will face the consequences alone with their families. Those issuing the orders will still be enjoying their luxurious good lives free of the backlash from avenging spirits,” Maphosa said.

“Besides fear of avenging spirits, police and the military must respect both human life and human rights. People of this country have a constitutional right to display dissatisfaction and displeasure with the regime through demonstrations and nobody should take that right away through brutality.”newsday


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