Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo has threatened “to deal politically” with European Union (EU) Ambassador to Zimbabwe Philippe Van Damme, accusing him of using the social networking site to “play politics against Zanu PF”. 

Van Damme has been very vocal on Zimbabwe’s political and economic situation.
The two exchanged rants on Twitter after one user raised issues to do with the presidential insult law.

“Now shamelessly and repeatedly ‘liking’ insults in violation of decency!” Van Damme said in a Tweet, which did not go down well with Moyo.

As the conversation and debates went on, Moyo said, “Yes, Ambassador. If you continue using Twitter to play politics against Zanu PF we will deal with you politically!”
He further attacked Van Damme, “If you want decency stick to your remit in terms of the Vienna Convention. Keep away from local politics Ambassador!”

Van Damme has been speaking out on the country’s situation and the need to transform laws and policies in a manner that can help lure investors.

 Zimbabwe has been accused of failing to observe people’s rights and applying policies that are unfavourable in attracting foreign investors.
Among some of the policies that have been criticised by foreign countries, is Zimbabwe’s indigenisation policy — compelling foreigners to cede 51 percent of their shareholdings to black locals.

In the early 2000s, Zimbabwe also embarked on a controversial land reform programme that resulted in many white farmers losing their farms to local black people.

The manner in which the process was carried out resulted in Zimbabwe’s relations with other nations, including EU member states, turning frosty.

The EU imposed economic sanctions on the Zimbabwean government, an embargo that still stands until today.


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