Thursday, 4 August 2016


A 65-YEAR-OLD retired teacher will regret the day he attempted to sell the estates of his two late brothers after he was slapped with an effective one-year imprisonment.

Chamunorwa Gilbert Muzambwa of Chitungwiza was taken to court by his late brother’s sons, Walter and Chitauro Elvis. He pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud. Magistrate Tendai Mahwe sentenced Muzambwa to 18 months’ imprisonment before he suspended six months on condition of good behaviour.

Muzambwa, who was taking the issue lightly, told the court “in a moment of madness”, he tried to sell the houses of his brothers, Solomon and Aaron Simankawa.

He later realised that he was in serious trouble and pleaded for leniency, suggesting to pay a fine, but Mahwe said he wanted to show him that the court “has teeth which can bite”.

“You are a retired teacher who is getting a pension and you also own a house, but you chose to deprive your own brother’s children of their heritage by misrepresenting that you were the sole beneficiary. It was by luck that your offence was unearthed when you were about to give away the houses.

“You did not give a satisfactory explanation as to why you intended to do that, but only describe your actions as a moment of madness.

“I have already sentenced you and I will not revisit my judgment. I operate like an aeroplane which flies forward and never backwards,” Mahwe said.

The court heard that following the death of his brother Aaron in 1989, Chamunorwa misrepresented to the Master of High Court that he was the only surviving relative and was subsequently appointed the administrator of the estate.

He also did the same with his other late brother’s house and the offence was discovered after he placed advertisements in a local newspaper selling the houses. Both houses are in Epworth.
Peter Kachirika appeared for the State. newsday


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