Thursday, 18 August 2016


PROPHETIC Healing and Deliverance Ministries yesterday launched a multi-million dollar housing construction programme that will see 90 000 housing units being built in the country, 5 000 of them in Bulawayo.

PHD leader Prophet Walter Magaya acquired the land in Bulawayo, Harare, Mutare and the Midlands province. The Government facilitated the acquisition of 20 percent of the land, while 80 percent was bought from private entities who had title deeds.

“The project is running into millions of dollars and I’m targeting 90 000 housing units in the country and at least 5 000 in Bulawayo. According to our plans, it’s happening all over Sadc and we’re starting with Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe we’ve decided to start with Bulawayo,” said Prophet Magaya, while addressing hundreds of people who had gathered for the groundbreaking ceremony in Douglasdale suburb.

The groundbreaking ceremony marks the beginning of the massive project which is scheduled to be complete in seven months, through his construction company, Planet Africa.

“We’re already working closely with the Bulawayo City Council and other players to make sure that everything is above board and we’re targeting the first week of October to start the servicing of the stands, which will range between 400 square metres and 2,000 square metres,” said Prophet Magaya.

“More than 1 000 people will be employed here in Bulawayo and the project will cascade to the Midlands, Mutare and Harare before spreading countrywide and the Sadc region. All our partners are benefiting from this programme. It’s just a way of expressing our appreciation to them for supporting us and standing with us during trying times when all sorts of negative reports were being said about PHD Ministries.

“I’m happy that the word of God will continue spreading while our partnership grows stronger. I saw the demand for housing not only in Bulawayo but in the country and I decided to pursue the provision of houses to the people of Zimbabwe,” he said.
Prophet Magaya said plans were also underway to construct shops and schools to cater for the new community.

“All the procedures needed for this to happen have to be adhered to so that beneficiaries secure their houses without any problems. I will be coming to Bulawayo frequently to monitor how the programme is progressing,” he said.

Prophet Magaya urged local service providers in the construction industry to approach the church so that the project supports local business.

The Minister of State in Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s Office, Tabetha Kanengoni Malinga, commended PHD Ministries for prioritising the provision of houses to the people.
“This is an amazing day. VP Mphoko sent me here to give the blessings of the Government in relation to this project. I’m sure many of you have seen or heard a lot of things in the media that may lead you to believe that the government does not support the empowerment of its people.

“I’m here to discredit all that. PHD Ministries has set a good example. This is what we call pioneering of development,” said Minister Kanengoni Malinga.

“When we sit in Parliament, we pass laws to create a conducive environment for anyone who wants to start businesses and build houses to do that freely as long as they’re Zimbabweans. This is our land and nobody can take it away from us. Zimbabwe promotes freedom of worship. No church has been banned from worshipping,” she said.
Bulawayo provincial administrator Mrs Khonzani Ncube said Prophet Magaya had taken the right direction to complement the Government in the provision of decent accommodation.

“This initiative is not only in line with Government programmes but also in line with God’s will to keep the earth habitable. What we’re witnessing today will go a long way in alleviating the housing challenges faced by the people of Bulawayo.

“The presence of government and council officials reaffirms our position as the province to provide PHD Ministries with technical advice to ensure that this settlement adheres to proper planning and issues to do with sewer and water reticulation. We’re there to render that necessary support and technical expertise,” said Mrs Ncube. chronicle


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