Tuesday, 23 August 2016


ZANU PF losing candidates in the party primary elections held in Norton at the weekend, have threatened to rally behind independent candidate Temba Mliswa, claiming the party rigged the polls in favour of winning candidate Ronald Chindedza.

“There was massive rigging. That was just child’s play and the person who won is not even known here in Norton. He is not going to win at all and that will expose the party. This will be the first by-election that we are going to lose,” said one of the losing candidates, who declined to be named for fear of victimisation.
The candidates said if the party did not order fresh primary elections, then they would have no choice, but to urge their supporters to back Mliswa.

“That will be a lesson for those who rigged. It’s better to support an independent candidate so that they learn the hard way. I did my ground work hoping that the wishes of the people would be respected, but I was wrong, this is just bad for the party,” another candidate said.

Chindedza polled 847 votes against Joyce Mukazhu, who polled 617 votes, while Bybit Tsomondo came third with 612 votes. Other candidates who participated include Margaret Zvinavashe and Langton Mutendereki, who got 328 and 146, respectively.

The losers accused presiding officer Shadreck Mashayamombe from Harare province of tinkering with the votes to give Chindedza the upper hand.
Zanu PF provincial chairperson Ephraim Chengeta declined to comment on the matter, saying he was in a meeting.

Over the weekend, Mliswa claimed he had received several calls from losing candidates, seeking to join him ahead of the Norton by-election.

“Clearly, this is a constituency that will send a strong message to the ruling party. This election will expose the effects of hurried and uninformed decisions by Zanu PF. Also the war between the war veterans and the party, failure to attend to promises made in their manifesto, especially regarding the economy, will expose Zanu PF,” Mliswa, whose candidature has also been endorsed by disgruntled war veterans, said.

“This is also going to be a test on the youth factor that Zanu PF has decided to go on with as they discarded war veterans. We are all inclusive and everyone is welcome to work with us,” he added. newsday


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