Tuesday, 16 August 2016


A WOMAN from Nkayi allegedly tried to kill seven members of the same family by poisoning their 200- litre water drum. The family later suffered severe diarrhoea after drinking the water that was poisoned by the woman’s 12-year-old nephew whom she had sent to perform the dirty job.

Silibaziso Ncube (39) is facing seven counts of attempted murder and is set to appear at the regional court in Bulawayo for trial.

Prosecutors allege that Ncube hatched a plan to kill her neighbours and took umligazigani (an indigenous tree) seeds which she gave to her nephew.

Reasons why she attempted to kill her neighbours were not stated in court papers.

“On November 13 last year, Ncube gave her nephew two seeds and some powder wrapped in a plastic paper. She told him to put the seeds and powder in the 200-litre drum used to keep drinking water for their neighbours which was at Jilly Mahlangu’s homestead,” reads the State outline.

“The boy kept the poison until the next day as instructed by his aunt. On the following day around 2PM, the boy proceeded to Mahlangu’s homestead and gained entry through an open space at the corner of the yard.”

It is alleged that the boy put the poison in the 200-litre drum full of water which was outside the kitchen hut.

“Two of the family members saw the shoe print which they traced and were led to the boy’s home. After inquiring, they were told the shoe belonged to Ncube’s nephew,” said the State outline.

Prosecutors allege that the boy was called to Mahlangu’s homestead and confessed that he had entered the homestead. Investigations led to Ncube’s arrest. chronicle


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