Monday, 15 August 2016


A WOMAN from Mpopoma in Bulawayo who allegedly beat up her ex-husband and looted his property burst into tears, begging him to drop the charges before the matter went to trial. Nozipho Khumalo (25) caused a stir at the Western Commonage set-down office on Thursday last week when she began calling Mr Maqhawe Mkhwananzi (35) with terms of endearment, apparently to melt his heart.

Members of the public watched from a distance as Khumalo, with tears gushing from her eyes, clung to Mr Mkhwananzi. Initially, sources said, she had been defiant, saying Mr Mkhwananzi had made up the charges against her because he always lost fights against her.

“She broke down when she learnt the gravity of her charges. She hung on to her husband’s arm and tried to sweet-talk him in between tears to withdraw the charges,” said a witness.
Khumalo wailed:

“Please my love, forgive me. I’ll never repeat the same mistake. I just need one last chance. I’ll set things right between us. If I go to prison what will happen to my children.” The news crew, drawn by the commotion, observed that Mr Mkhwanazi was unmoved by his ex-wife’s pleas.
“I feel no compassion for your crocodile tears,” he said dispassionately. “You’ve been abusing me for too long yet you keep claiming that you will change. Just leave me alone please. I need to get some time away from you.”

Khumalo said she was angry because she had found Mr Mkhwanazi with his mistress. “I went to my darling’s house after he called me saying he wanted us to reconcile,” she explained to no one in particular, as tears continued to stream down her cheeks.

“I took 37 bags of 10kg mealie-meal that were for sale, 10 Easy Waves relaxers and a fridge among other groceries including $560 cash from his house. All these things are at my house please sweety, I can give you back everything. Just drop these charges my love, I beg you,” said Khumalo.

“I’m fed up with you,” a stolid Mr Mkhwananzi responded. “Remember you left my house to live next door. She left me for a guy called Gumede who owns a mine. I once passed them parked by the gate next door. She disembarked and assaulted me. I’ve too many scars that I got from her assaults. She’s a very violent woman.”

The matter did not go to court as it was sent back to the police station for further investigations. Charges against Khumalo were assault, theft, physical abuse and malicious damage to property. chronicle


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